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The Miller Homestead

Built 1889 - Restored 2007

The History behind the House

The coffee is better; the utilities are more modern, and the pictures are now in color. The Miller Homestead has come a long way since 1889 when it was built by Lawrence and Amelia Miller. But thanks to careful renovation and design, the historic house remains much the same.

The legacy of the house began as the Millers made their way west in the early 1880s, stopping in Kansas, Colorado Springs and then eventually homesteading in the Grand Valley in 1885. Two years later, the couple began building their home.

Instantaneously, the couple became well-known throughout the community. Lawrence had a reputation for being an accomplished businessman and was distinguished in real estate. He was an active community member, serving as an alderman, mayor and founder of the Masonic Lodge in Grand Junction.

Amelia had a reputation as a fine horsewoman, who was kind and had a dry sense of humor. But she quickly became most renowned for her immaculate “Tanglewood” gardens. Her passion for gardening dismissed the local belief that flowers would not grow in the Valley’s soil.

She raised roses, violets, pansies, purple and white lilacs, honeysuckle, tulips and various other flowers. The home, which was considered a mansion at the time, was surrounded by gardens. She generously shared roots and bulbs across the valley and many homes featured gardens started in hers. Amelia even welcomed President Taft to the area with a bouquet featuring her most beautiful flowers.

More than a century later, in 2007, HopeWest assumed possession of the house – following only a few other owners. After realizing the historical significance of the building, HopeWest visionaries generated plans to restore the house and surrounding land to its original splendor. So a group of volunteers, known as the Tanglewood Society, set forth to beautify the estate once more.

Today, more than 120 years after the original development, the house is yet again known for its gorgeous gardens and old time atmosphere. The beautiful and historic Miller Homestead serves as a haven for small groups and coffee lovers. We hope you’ll join us.

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